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Nov 6, 2012 1:30pm PST
writer, director and star of the medea movies, please join me in saving hello to tyler perry! in saying hello to tyler perry! tyler, thanks so much. how you do, buddy, good to see you. >> we are very excited here, tyler perry, thank you for joining me on tyler perry stephen colbert's interview with tyler perry. >> i love it, i love it. >> colbert: you like at that naming things after yourself. >> absolutely. >> colbert: i do too, i got -- i got a treadmill on the space station named after me. do you have one of those? >> no, no. i haven't done that yet. >> colbert: i went in -- >> go ahead. >> colbert: thanks so much. now, you are on the forbes like celebrity power list, number 20, because you are a writer, a director, an actor, a producer, a playwright. it sounds like you haven't found your thing yet. what is next? spot welding? why so many things? >> i am just trained myself early on, i didn't have much money so i learned how to do all the jobs myself and i don't know how to let goyette. >> colbert: really? but where do you find the time for the writer, director, playwright and aut
Comedy Central
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm PST
or perhaps medea. >> no jon the character from greek tragedy who murders both of her children. that medea. >> jon: what about hillary's vice president. >> she'll need to reach older white male voters. so the two leading vp contenders are a 1962 chevy empala and a can of beer. >> jon: i understand. >> lastly in 2016 with the united states split into two territories, new real america. >> jon: wait let me guess the blue states are now the united states of oversensitivity. >> that's not funny, jon. >> jon: it's a little funny. >> no that's actually the name of the new blue state country. that's not funny, jon. >> they knew you would make fun of them. >> jon: i didn't realize that. >> 2016 once again and i know this sounds crazy it's going to come down 125 to ohio or as it's known in its bifurcated state is ohio and ohio. >> jon: i guess that's, the last one is the blue state gay one. >> that's not funny, jon. >> jon: from the 2016 election desk. we always hear from -- she interviews undecided voters. this year was no different. >> that's right, jon. i sat down with a group of undecided
Nov 20, 2012 12:00am PST
mitt and ann romney went to see "twilight" at the movies saturday night. i guess "medea" was sold out. they had some trouble when they got to the theet e the girl in the ticket booth didn't have change for a million-dollar bill. funny they would see that. they go to the movies a lot, enjoy eating and being milk duds. meanwhile, our pal snoop dogg or snoop lion as hess curre's curr known, wants to invest in a scottish soccer team. there is their logo, you can see sw what attracted him to the team, that and turning a set of bagpipes into a multiheaded bong, but he told a scottish newspaper after watching highlights, he didn't watch the game, he watched highlights of the game, where the celtic squad bead barcelona in champions league he wants to become an investor. he's so high he likes soccer. that's how much marijuana this man is smoking. you see, to me -- [ applause ] -- if he's got that kind of money to invest snoop should bailout hostess. if that's not marriage made in stoner heaven, i don't know what is. are you looking forward to thanksgiving? are some of you in town for thanksgiv
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)